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Elle donne de l’énergie, du dynamisme. Recommandée lors des régimes alimentaires amaigrissants, elle favorise l’élimination, la dissolution des graisses, le travail des reins et de la vessie. Elle calme les douleurs dentaires sur les molaires, les dents de sagesse, les os de la mâchoire.


Couleurs et formes peuvent varier


Valuable to those who want to have visions and do divination. Its faculties and its influence act on discernment and facilitate difficult choices. Stone of the heart par excellence; couples who own a srdonyx will keep mutual respect. It will help them temper the passion and develop a purer love. Stone of conscience, the little voice, that of the inner child. Physical level: its energy is a balm that warms at all levels.


Shapes and colors may vary


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